Poor Clients Can Ruin Your Business: How To Come Out On Top?

Weekly Sunday Thoughts: April 12, 2020 9:23 AM EDT

The article entitled “Poor Clients: Who They Are, Why We Work for Them and How to Work with the Best People” certainly hits home for me as an individual business owner. This article is a great starting point for those freelancers, solopreneurs, and contractors who are in need of some guidance when it comes to retaining good clients.

A great point in the article starts off with this message, “Poor clients can be a real source of stress for many of us (not meant in the financial sense, though some of them could be! We’re talking about those people who we provide a product or service in exchange for cash)” (Mathers, 2012, para. 3)…”The reason many of us end up with these kinds of people is through a combination of an absence of options, and a lack of personal standards” (Mathers, 2012, para. 7).

True enough it can be a daunting task to align yourself with good clients but not impossible. The truth of the matter is that most clients are perfectly nice people. The key point to remember is that maintaining higher standards will help with attracting better scale of clients. Furthermore, regardless of anyone’s past experiences of working with amateur clients, Mathers (2012) truly believes that many good clients exist and work with freelancers/contractors with the intention to pay freelancers/contractors for agreed upon services.

Mathers (2012) offers the perfect solution for finding good clients with this advice; don’t be so quick to jump at every client that approaches you for assistance. In other words, short on choice, freelancers/contractors may “often end up serving the client more than entering into an agreement” (para. 9) that’s mutually beneficial. My suggestion, one must develop personal and business standards that will provide a baseline for identifying good clients versus bad clients.

I also suggest working on warm leads, (generally, a warm lead means someone has shown interest in your services or products), which will help with minimizing poor clients. In next Sunday’s blog, I will discuss in greater detail how to generate warm leads for greater revenue potential. I hope everyone has a great Easter Sunday, stay safe during this COVID-19 crisis, and get some much-needed financial relief in the upcoming months.

– Isaac Davis, Jr., MBA, HIFE CCP, The Small Business Guru


Mathers, A. (2018, October 8). Poor clients: Who they are, why we work for them and how to work with the best people. Retrieved from https://www.redlemonclub.com/poor-clients-who-they-are-why-we-work-for-them-and-how-to-work-with-the-best-people/  

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