NEW BEGINNINGS: Raine Leggett, Senior Business & Financial Writer

– Isaac Davis, Jr., MBA, HIFE CCP, The Small Business Guru

I love writing and informing my clients of financial and business matters. I think it is essential for our clients to know what matters the most to them. Many of the clients are starting from scratch with forming their dream company or pursuing their passion. For the longest, I was proud to feature weekly Sunday updates for my clients. When Covid-19 happened, everything changed. Many of the traditional things we enjoyed doing went out the window as social distance orders and stay-at-home orders became our norm.

I decided to take a break from my much-beloved blog and return to school to finish my second master’s degree in Organizational Leadership with a minor concentration in media management. I wanted to offer my clients information that they could go and review to help them with questions of business and financial matters. With that being said, I say goodbye to our Sunday Weekly Blog while our blog enters a new era of greatness. Enter Raine Leggett, an Anime Reviewer for her blog and website, Raine And Reads, and IDJ Online Magazine. She also has enjoyed several successes with published books that can be purchased at

Raine brings a level of passion and tenacity that will present bi-monthly financial and business information to our clients that matters.

Check out her first blog that dives into the world of PPP Fraud:

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