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Our Founder

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor Isaac Davis, Jr., BGS, MA, MBA, CTP, HIFE CCP

My name is Isaac Davis, Jr., and for the better part of my life, the Golden Isles have been home to me. Helping freelancers, independent contractors, and people who run their own businesses on their own as they expand is something I feel very strongly about. Increasing awareness about mental health, broadening educational opportunities for people with low incomes, and improving our criminal justice system are also causes that I feel strongly about. I worked for the TRIO Student Support Services Program at College of Coastal Georgia, which is a public four-year college, as a Program Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist for a total of seven years. This program is intended for students who come from low-income families. I was given the title of Staff Advisor of the Year in 2009. In 2009, the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) honored me by bestowing upon me a national prize. (Meritorious Achievement Certificate)

In 2004, I attended Georgia Southern University Armstrong Campus (formerly Armstrong Atlantic State University) and received a Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree with a concentration in Teacher Education. In August of 2007, I completed my Master of Business Administration degree online through Purdue University Global (originally known as Kaplan University). I received a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Arizona Global Campus in January 2022, and I also received a minor in media management during that time. I am at the moment a student at the University of Arizona Global Campus, where I am working toward earning a doctoral degree in Criminal Psychology. As a direct result of the events that have transpired, I have devised a number of objectives for myself. One of my long-term objectives is to be of assistance to sole proprietors, independent contractors, and freelancers by facilitating the expansion of their businesses and increasing their level of financial success. To assist those involved in the criminal justice system and the community of mental health professionals in making more positive decisions for their lives is another one of my primary objectives.

In addition, I serve on the Board of Directors of the Genoa Martin Friends of Historic Selden Park, a charitable organization whose mission is to perpetuate Selden Park’s long and illustrious history while also fostering the development of the next generation of community leaders through the provision of educational opportunities and scholarships. In addition to that, I was a member of the board of the UUCG Ministry Team, an organization that is connected to my previous place of worship, and I eventually worked my way up to the position of Chair. This organization acted as a channel through which the minister of our church and the congregation could communicate with one another regarding a variety of issues that were of mutual concern. Working in Washington, District of Columbia, developing and supporting regulations that protect the working poor, assisting in the provision of assistance to the population suffering from mental illness, and continuing the development of educational programs for those who would not otherwise have the opportunity are some of the additional goals I would like to pursue. In addition to this, one of my goals is to broaden the scope of IDJ Business Professional Consulting Services, Inc. and bring it into the public eye.

Meet the Team

We have dedicated consultants working in all business disciplines and in nearly every major timezone. We take an “all-hands” approach with each project. Our team’s main goal is to work with each of our clients to ensure all of their business and professional goals are met.

Isaac Davis, Jr.

Founder & CEO

Isaac is an entrepreneur who is both successful and extremely driven. Isaac, who has lived in this region for more than four decades and is a native resident, has a strong interest in the community of solo entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and freelancers. At the moment, he is serving IDJBPCS in the capacity of Senior Financial and Management Advisor/Consultant and Life Coach in his hometown of Brunswick, Georgia.

Tina Leggett

Senior Business Organizer & Administrator

She was born in Brunswick, Georgia, but she currently makes her home in Savannah, Georgia, where she is employed by one of the local universities in Savannah. She has had a prosperous career in the academic sector for more than 19 years and counting in a variety of roles, including financial aid counselor and assistant director in the grants department, amongst others. At the moment, she is employed by IDJBPCS in the capacity of Senior Business Organizer and Administrator.

Raine Leggett

Senior Business & Financial Writer

Read And Reads is a blog and website run by Raine who was born in Brunswick, Georgia but currently resides in Savannah, Georgia. She writes reviews of anime for both of these online venues. Additionally, she writes critiques of anime for the IDJ Online Magazine. Additionally, Raine is the author of a number of books, all of which are available for purchase on She is currently employed by IDJBPCS in the role of Remote Office Manager.

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